October 6th–7th
London, N7 6PA

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Europe's biggest event for the leading third sector CRM

CiviCRM is the leading open source CRM for the third, non-profit & social-enterprise sector. Now in its 6th year, CiviCon goes from strength to strength as the community around it grows and finds new ways to help fundraise, communicate and manage organisations.

Alongside the conference, we're holding trainings and a sprint - there's something for everyone at CiviCon 2016!

CiviCon and the trainings and the sprint are designed to welcome new people into the community and bring us together to share, learn and work. Whether this will be your first experience of CiviCRM or if you are seasoned pro, there is a huge amount of personal and professional value in getting involved.

Conference : Thursday 6th October - Friday 7th October 2016

Training: Tuesday 4th October - Wednesday 5th October 2016

Sprint : Monday 10th October - Friday 14th October 2016


There's something for everyone at CiviCon. Our user track has a range of sessions aimed at both new and experienced users. Our implementer track is aimed at people that want to configure CiviCRM for other users, and our developer track is aimed at people that want to dig into CiviCRM's code, help improve it, and to modify and extend the code to meet their needs.

Want to know more? Check out our list of sessions confirmed so far.

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CiviCon London 2016

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