GMCVO Databases

GMCVO Databases provides a flexible software solution that can help you manage your organisation effectively by centralising your data and making it accessible from a user friendly system.

Our service also includes the option of a modern and professionally designed public website for your organisation, or we can integrate online services such as member, event and newsletter registration, with your existing website.

We work with a large number of voluntary sector organisations including local support organisations and frontline services such as health, housing, faith, counselling, disability, BME and women’s groups. All profits are invested back into GMCVO and, consequently, the voluntary sector.

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We have been advocates of CiviCRM for some time now and want to give something back to the community that we're part of. We are happy to be contributing towards running CiviCON 2016 and look forward to learning more about the future of this super product.

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