NFP Services

NFP Services (A division of MTL Software Solutions Group) is one of the largest names in the European CiviCRM community. With over 30 years of industry experience, we specialise in both consultancy services and the implementation of the CiviCRM platform.

This experience, coupled with the close and pro-active working relationships we enjoy with our Clients, ensures that we are able to provide innovative solutions in many ways to help organisations grow whilst streamlining operations and maximising efficiencies.

Our clients range from very large Membership organisations to small users, who can benefit both from the standard features of CiviCRM and our ever growing in-house plugins (contributed back into the Civi Community where possible).

To name a few these include:

  • Enhanced Membership Processing
  • Direct  Debiting
  • Credit / Debit card processing
  • Outlook integration
  • Gift aid
  • Invoicing, VAT processing
  • Multi-Currency
  • Integration with Finance packages
  • Partial Payments

All of our team are friendly and equipped to deal with any questions you might have, so please feel free to talk to us walking around CiviCon.

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One of the reasons we became a gold sponsor is our belief in the CiviCRM platform. Having been a driving force behind the continued development of CiviCRM, we see the value it continues to add to both large and small organisations. Moreover, CiviCon is an opportunity to talk to the community and identify areas of the CiviCRM platform that could be improved.

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