Advanced Website Integration

Björn Endres - Systopia

CiviCRM features great on board tools for integrating a variety of online forms. However, for many use cases you will need to create a custom integration between CiviCRM and an external online form or third party app. Thanks to CiviCRM'S API this is usually possible but it involves a lot of work for development and testing. 

We would like to present three tools that support the implementation of a secure, reliable and easy integration of external systems – be it web sites, databases or third party services.

1) The "Extended Contact Matcher" provides an interface to define rules to identify the right contacts for processing the data sent to the CiviCRM'S API.
2) "CMRF" is a framework/codebase that aims at standardising the communication of external systems with CiviCRM via its API.
3) "CiviProxy" is a tool that further enhances the security of your CiviCRM set up without compromising your ability for online integration.

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